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Put your back-end in your back pocket

Yesss! Thin Data to the rescue: make your mountain of raw data browsable, readable and writable. Files. Databases. Big data. ERP. CRM. Legacy. Documents. Images. Video. Anything. They will all look the same: just folders and  files. We’re an equal opportunity file browser.

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Do it, QWIC!

There simply is no faster way forward than a Thin Data QWIC (Quick-Win Implementation Concept) from Esoptra. In a streamlined standard proof-of-concept process we agree on the problem, define the scope, lay out the plan and work out the details in a stylized tabular template. The latter drives our highly skilled pluglet development team to deliver results in hours or days. Working with your QWIC coordinator at Esoptra, you'll complete the functionality and iron out any remaining issues, all within the allotted time. The Esoptra platform takes care of all the heavy lifting that is not strictly application dependent; in this way, pluglets can have a laser sharp focus on those aspects that are. End users (and their devices!) will see something very familiar: folders and files in a neatly organised tree structure. They will need no training as they already know how it works. The only thing special about it is well hidden behind the scenes: the folder structure is made up on the fly, as the user is browsing, and the same is true for files, that will be generated instantly - from any combination of data sources - whenever they are clicked or otherwise opened. 

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The strength of this thin data approach is that both the structure and the file formats can be totally and dynamically tailored to the folder-browsing user. By the way: that user doesn't necessarily have to be human: by means of http REST calls, other machines, programs or apps can use the pluglet as a data broker that takes care of the complicated integration and transformation of multiple data sources.

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Zero Replication Hassle

Avoid the complexity, compromises, management overhead and running costs of a replication-based management information repository. Refuse the waste of time, capital and energy. Get results as deep and diverse as you can imagine.

Make Anything Browsable

And readable. And writable. We put data from all sources on the same common denominator: folders and files. In actionable structure and formats. As defined by the needs and preferences of the end user.

Lightweight Solutions

Whether you need results by yesterday or just temporary pain relief without disturbing the big project, you need Esoptra. The point is: if you need a roof over your head by nightfall, don’t let someone sell you a housing project. Get a tent.

Legacy Systems Welcome

We will lovingly connect them to the 21st century, even using antiquated or homebrew APIs. To us, they are equal citizens to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things. Users will never see the difference.

Practical Office Magic

We’ll work wonders with Microsoft Office using the Open XML SDK. Generate complex Word documents using AI, dynamically insert data sheets into Excel workbooks or substitute graphics inside PowerPoint stacks. On the fly.

Any Client, Any Cloud

Life is complicated enough: we will not add any additional constraints. Our cloud, your cloud, on premise – Amazon AWS, Azure, VMWare. WebDAV client, web browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android. We gladly support all of it.