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Welcome to the weird world of Thin Data!

By on 4 / 04 / 2018

If you'll admit that "thin data" or "thin data provisioning" doesn't ring a bell, you're likely an honest person.

Indeed, it was only recently that Esoptra coined the concept and the terminology. As we wanted to do things simpler - thus better - by an order of magnitude, we ended up with a truly disruptive approach, as is known to happen in innovation. Compared to the conventional, this may look weird, but there's system in this madness. Please bear with us for a bit.Flat Cable

In the world of storage, thin provisioning is a well known concept that essentially means that back-end storage space that is allocated to a user or process isn't reserved and set aside in full from the onset. Rather, it is done carefully, little chunk by little chunk, as the actual need for space grows. As you can imagine, to large storage providers like DropBox, this means all the difference in the world. But anyone can benefit from this kind of smart resource optimization.

At Esoptra we wanted to do the same thing at data access time. Essentially offer back-end data, raw or processed, under the form of virtual folders and files that do not physically exist until the very moment they are opened by a user - whether human or application. In this way, no unnecessary processing needs to happen for replicating, synchronizing, storing, and managing data that is never going to be used. Only the actual use itself magically instantiates those specific files and folders, consuming only a minuscule fraction of the resources, while producing results in real time. This all happens according to a straightforward recipe contained in a simple custom plug-in server software module that we call a pluglet. Pluglets contain the code to access, map, combine and transform data from one or more sources into a convenient file format to the tune of the use case; as well as to generate unlimited and dynamic folder trees for browsing. Pluglets can be built in nearly any programming language by customers, partners or Esoptra itself. Development and deployment effort and time is often reduced by an order of magnitude as compared to more conventional solutions.

Welcome to this weird new world of Thin Data! And please stay tuned for more updates as we will fill these pages with detailed exciting and practical use cases.