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Simplicity as a Service

Do you also wonder sometimes why enterprise technology needs to be so complicated? Especially when it's about you interacting with information to do your job? Esoptra was founded to help you fight this frustration with a whole new set of weapons that are custom fitted to your battle needs. Get in touch and let our team forge you a sword from the finest Valyrian steel.

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Paul Carpentier, Founder & CEO

With Esoptra, Paul has founded his sixth startup. Working with Jan for over 30 years, the focus was mostly on unorthodox, high potential innovation, deep down in the technology stack. This invariably entailed early international expansion, with strong showings in the USA and Japan. At TechGnosis, client-server middleware was born. FileWave introduced the first truly scalable client software management platform; it's still alive and kicking after 25 years. At FilePool they invented and patented Content Addressed Storage, resulting in a highly successful exit to EMC in the middle of the dot com crisis. Paul cofounded Caringo in Austin, Tx. in 2005 and still serves on its Board. He is Chairman at Bagaar nv and holds Master degrees in Electronics Engineering and Business Administration, as well as 24 patents.


Jan Van Riel, Founder & CTO 

Jan will really get into his own when way off the beaten track. He combines exceptional creativity with the drive and stamina to turn it into something very real and tangible, even if that takes turning half the world upside down. Which he has done a couple times. As a partner in crime to Paul he has been on a relentless pursuit of the hidden simplicity behind the ugly complexity in many a technology domain. Using crypto-based unique identifiers for objects on distributed networks and storage systems may seem logical and natural today - it most definitely was not in the mid-nineties of the previous century. After the FilePool acquisition he served for 7 years as a Director of Technology at EMC where he oversaw the morphing of FilePool into Centera, the fastest-growing product line ever for EMC up to that point. Jan is a holder of 31 patents in addition to a Master degree in Engineering

Carl Annicq, Board Member & Senior Advisor 

As a founding partner of Nova Reperta, a boutique management consultancy firm that has taken an early interest and stake in Esoptra, Carl brings formidable sparring power, rooted in a hyperactive and multifaceted career. He built 18 years of professional experience as a former Head of the Lean transformation program at Euroclear, as well as leading transformation programs and assuming international leadership roles in the financial and technology industry at companies such as JP Morgan & Co and Ubizen. Carl is an engineer with an MBA from Vlerick Management School.


Filip Leflot, Chairman of the Board

A founding partner of Nova Reperta together with Carl, Filip brings the financial acumen - and a fanatic sailor's brinkmanship - required for navigating the rocky coasts where startups tend to thrive. Filip combines financial and strategic insights with hands on-management experience, bringing 18 years of professional experience in Private Equity, Finance, M&A and General Management to every Board Meeting. Before being adopted as a partner at private equity-fund Bencis Capital, investing in and managing Benelux SME's, Filip took a 4-year watch as COO at the helm of the AS Adventure retail group, overseeing their international expansion. He also worked for 10 years at Ernst & Young in audit and Corporate Finance.