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Introducing: Thin Data Provisioning

Any data source morphs into live folders and files, stepwise, as you drill down. Browsable, readable and writable. Actionable information on demand. For user or process. On any device. In real time. Inspired by thin storage provisioning, its logical counterpart, no resources are spent until really called for. At last, something virtually tangible in return for all that money spent on acquiring, storing and protecting data.


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Your data, virtually

Ever wished that all of your information systems were as simple to browse and access as your file server? That is exactly what Esoptra offers. Our patent pending platform projects any kind of data from any mix of sources as a drill-down tree of virtual folders and files on a server, customized exactly for you. On all your devices, mobile or otherwise. Instantly, without heavy lifting. Because it is Thin Data.

A disruptively simple solution

Not surprisingly, many business processes have similar information patterns and data requirements. Our platform supports all of those, while embedding the very specific integration details in a pluglet: a compact, customized software plug-in. If you want, Esoptra can build a full solution for you, including custom pluglet development. But we prefer third parties to do that job and join the solution space.

Calling all data sources

Imagine a tree of folders and files available on all your devices. Structure, content and format are essentially limited by your dreams only. Thin data provisioning lets you see millions of files, but no work is wasted until you actually open or use a file. Our innovative approach doesn't necessarily apply everywhere, but when it does, it's simply unbeatable in terms of price/performance. Unlike a point solution, Esoptra focuses on broadly unlocking information and empowering users or other applications.

Be surprised without surprises

After watching and trying the demos, we know that nothing will take you forward quicker than a proof of concept using your very own specs and data. Our standard Quick-Win Implementation Concept (QWIC) formula offers exactly that, without requiring too much of your precious time, at a fixed price with no surprises.

See Thin Data magic in action. 

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ARID - Access Related Information Deficit

Top execs from organizations worldwide will tell you that year over year they tend to spend more on acquiring, collecting, securing, storing, protecting and archiving data. Yet very few tend to be proud of the amount of truly actionable information that they are able to derive on demand from that - theoretically invaluable - collection of raw data resources. Let alone transform, reformat and deploy to the person and device at the place and time of the action. Esoptra labels this ubiquitous management challenge as Access Related Information Deficit (ARID). Indeed, the issue is generally not with the amount of data available within the organization - or at least within reach of it, but rather with the very specific part of it that relates to a given business situation at a moment in time. Unless that focused information subset is available at that time, in the right format, on the desired device, to the proper individual, it could just as well not have existed. Thin data provisioning makes it happen.